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Which Will Kill Our At-Risk Population First: COVID-19 or our Social Isolation Measures?

Karen Morgan, DPTMay 18 · 7 min read Like us all, I have questions. But first, I am not an immunology or epidemiology expert, or a public policymaker for that matter. I appreciate the efforts all of those who are the above. I … Continue reading

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Physical Therapy Is Essential

Physical therapy is considered “essential.” What makes my work essential? If you ever had to deal with debilitating pain or struggled to function following an injury, you would probably agree my wholistic physical therapy service is essential. As the owner … Continue reading

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Yes, Telehealth Physical Therapy Works and Is Here to Stay

Rumors of telehealth options for the practice of physical therapy have rumbled about in recent years, and I barely paid attention. Being busy with my solo practice, I didn’t take the time to pursue it in-depth, and the obstacles to telehealth seemed … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Update

Yes, I am treating patients, in accordance with CDC guidelines and Gov. Inslee’s mandate. While physical therapy is considered an essential service, I also support measures to Flatten the Curve. As a healthcare provider who has been practicing physical distancing … Continue reading

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Practical Advice for Social Distancing

March 15, 2020 What to do during COVID-19-agedden?  My husband insists that the apple fritter and fried chicken he just brought home from the grocery store will help while we binge watch our favorite movies tonight.  Hmm.  We normally eat … Continue reading

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Neuroconference on pain Part 2. – All About.Opioids

March 22, 2019 Our brains and bodies are equipped to manage pain.  We have built in systems that release chemicals to make us feel better, chemicals called neurotransmitters, and many of these are released in the brain, but also throughout … Continue reading

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What I Learned at my conference on the Neuroscience of Pain – Part 1

March 16, 2019 Chronic pain is one of the most underestimated healthcare problems today. In the US, more people live with chronic pain than cancer, heart disease and diabetes combined. 16% of 16-23 year olds will experience persistent pain. This … Continue reading

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My Specialty

October 23, 2018     People ask me: what is your specialty? I chuckle and reply: “I take time to problem solve, ask questions and provide what is needed.” Example: 3 months ago, a patient called me. She had fractured the … Continue reading

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Patience, dedication, creativity and a true heart

Dr. Morgan provided highly skilled and effective therapy for both my disabled sister and my elderly father. Both cases presented challenges well beyond the norm, yet she responded with patience, dedication, creativity, and a true heart. Continue reading

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Barefoot Running/Minimalist Running Shoes: Injury Prevention or Injury Prone?

The injuries minimalist runners may end up subjecting themselves to are stress fractures of the calcaneus (heel bone), the metatarsals (toes), and rupture of the plantar fascia. In one study, over half of healthy, experienced runners demonstrated signs of severe bone stress after 10 weeks of running. Continue reading

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