About Karen A. Morgan

Karen specializes in a comprehensive approach to movement dysfunction and pain by addressing the interaction of the body’s various parts and systems.  She works with neuromuscular disorders, back and neck pain and injury, joint pain/injury, TMJ, injury prevention and performance improvement.


Karen earned her Physical Therapy degree (BSPT) at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA. She later earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT) at Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, an institution associated with Harvard Medical School.

Her 25+ year career in Physical Therapy has given her experience in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Neuro, Orthopedics, Post Surgical, Sports Injury, Performance Improvement, Prevention, Wellness and Fitness, and some of Women’s Health Issues. This broad range of experience has been instrumental in developing her whole-person approach to healing, integrating movement analysis, manual therapy, and exercise.

Karen knows that a hurting body part is a symptom that needs to be traced back to the originating cause and not just a part to be treated in isolation.

She knows that true health is not about taking pills to cover up symptoms but about treating the cause of a symptom so that pills can be reduced and, in some cases, eliminated.

She also knows that even the best Physical Therapists can not be successful unless they can help motivate their patients to follow through with the treatment program they are given. This is an intangible skill that is one of Karen’s strengths.

She understands that evidence-based practice entails continuity of care. You will always be treated solely by her, 75-90 minutes for your first appointment and 45-60 minutes for each follow-up visit.

Karen has been serving the people of Whatcom County since she and her husband moved here in 2002. She loves being active:  running, hiking, swimming, biking, kayaking and gardening are among her favorite activities, but you can also find her exploring the world with her husband, or curled up with a good book.

If she can be of service to you please call her office to make an appointment, or you can reach her via her cell phone.