Before Your Appointment

Thank you for choosing Karen Morgan Physical Therapy!

I hate paperwork. I’m pretty sure you hate paperwork too. Unfortunately it is a necessary burden we have to shoulder when you receive any health care service. To help make your first visit go more smoothly I would appreciate it if you would take the time to carefully read and follow the instructions on this page regarding information I need to have and you need to have before your first visit.

1) If you are covered by health insurance, please check with your insurance company to see if I am a contracted provider for your plan and write down your physical therapy deductible, amount of deductible remaining, coinsurance percent/copay amount.  You will use this along with your group number and id number to fill out all of the information in the insurance verification area on your New Patient Form. If I am not a contracted provider they may still cover part of your treatment costs if you decide you want to be treated by me.  Also, some insurance companies require pre-authorization before services are provided, so check with your insurance company. I also treat patients who choose to pay out of pocket. Please call my office at 360-383-5045 or email me at for treatment rates.

2) You will fill out your New Patient Form online.  Once you have an initial appointment scheduled, you will receive two emails.  The first confirms the appointment date and time you have with Karen and all of her contact information.  The second email comes with a link to which will take you to your personal, secure online form.  It will take about 15 minutes to fill out.  If you prefer to fill out your new patient form on your smartphone we can send you a text message with a link to your new patient form.

3) Please read the following document regarding privacy notification.

• Privacy Notification

I look forward to working with you!

Karen A. Morgan, PT, DPT
Karen Morgan Physical Therapy

Doctor’s Prescription:

Although the state of Washington allows you to contact a physical therapist without a doctor’s prescription some insurance companies require a doctor’s prescription.  You can download my doctor’s prescription form and give it to your physician using the following link.  This will provide them with my contact information which many physicians do not have.  Your doctor may use their own prescription form if they choose.

• Doctor’s Prescription Form