Pain free & amazing range of motion

“After years of poor posture with the associated aches and pains,
Karen’s expert assessment and guidance has helped me become pain free with
amazing range of motion.  Karen not only addressed my present issues but has
provided me with the knowledge to maintain good health.  When you follow
Karen’s directions, you WILL achieve results!”

— Bunny Schneider – Bellingham, WA

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Sleeping better with 3 simple exercises

I went to see Karen Morgan since I’ve been dealing with some minor lower back issues for a couple years. Karen was very thorough and found what I am doing wrong. She provided me with three strengthening exercises to get me started. I am already sleeping better and it has only been two days!!

Michelle Andreas, accent45 web design, Bellingham WA

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Pain decreased & posture improved

“I have been in several car accidents, which have left me with neck and back pain. I have seen different chiropractors over the years, and eventually found one that helped to some extent, but my progress didn’t seem to last. A friend suggested I see Karen Morgan and I am so glad I did! Karen had me work on strengthening my core through daily exercises and stretches and this has helped a great deal. My pain has decreased, my posture has improved, and I feel better overall. I highly recommend her!”

— Kirsten Laughlin – Rockport, WA

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Chronic back problems resolved with the right approach

“I’ve had a history of chronic back, shoulder, and neck problems…The way the exercises progressed, how they focused on fundamentals, and how they were clearly explained, demonstrated, and repeated–this was the right approach for me, after other therapies had not worked… I’ve appreciated Dr. Morgan’s skill, professionalism, and enthusiasm.”

— Richard Widerkehr – Bellingham, WA

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Physical therapy – cannot believe how much better I feel

“When my doctor suggested I make an appointment with Karen Morgan Physical Therapy, I had my doubts. I had always gone to a chiropractor for my back problems and did not have much faith in physical therapy. I had a wonderful experience with Karen and cannot believe how much better I feel! It has been a life change for me.Karen is very knowledgeable and gracious. She became a friend as well as a therapist. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone.”

— Laura Smit – Lynden,WA

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